JohnHowTo – SysAdmin and InfoSec Stuff

This site’s goal is not to make money or generate traffic, it’s sole purpose is to combine howtos of all the tasks I need to complete on a daily basis on one site for easy reference. I noticed that while working away from my desk that I cannot easily access my favorites – which is where these howtos come from – and that some of the pages hosting the howtos might close down leaving me with a nice 404 in times of trouble.

NOTE: If you find any value in these posts please don’t give me any kudos – kudos belong to the owners of the sites I reference and the people who went through all the trouble of actually fixing and documenting their steps. 🙂

2016 UPDATE: Before I started this site my main goal was always to be able to live out my dream as an InfoSec professional. I have since been blessed enough to have achieved this goal, which means my new roles and responsibilities differ greatly from what I have ever done before. I am no longer a SysAdmin. As an Information Security Officer I now get to focus my time and energy ensuring that the systems and projects within my portfolio are secure.
To assist in my learning I have enrolled in a few InfoSec courses and I would like to share the knowledge attained through these courses with you.

Finally I would like to urge you to invest in a lab of your own. This will ensure that you do not exploit any system that you do not own or have explicit permission to assess.


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