Quick subnetting reference

 CIDR block           Subnet Mask                 IP Quantity   /32                           1   /31                           2   /30                           4   /29                     … Continue reading Quick subnetting reference

Linux help

Ubuntu – find installed packages

I was trying to find out if we've got any kind of squid reporting installed on our proxy server. Just going though the /etc folder didn't cut it, so I did:aptitude search squidaptitude search sargCheck the left of the screen, if it is displaying an i next to the listed item then it means it… Continue reading Ubuntu – find installed packages

Linux help

SARG Squid reports

SARG is an open source tool that allows you to analyse the squid log files and generates beautiful reports in HTML format with informations about users, IP addresses, top accessed sites, total bandwidth usage, elapsed time, downloads, access denied websites, daily reports, weekly reports and monthly reports. The SARG is very handy tool to view… Continue reading SARG Squid reports

Microsoft help


We recently released a custom app which requires the use of MS DTC. It's a lengthy process to implement it and it took me a looong time to get it working (the first time).Hope this helps:Enable a firewall exception for MS DTC using Windows Firewall Open Windows Firewall.To open Windows Firewall, on the Start menu, click Control… Continue reading MS DTC

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Send mail through SMTP using Telnet

I very often have to fight with developers who claim that they are unable to send notifications from their apps. Even after sending them confirmation of a successful telnet, they still argue. This is how I silence the doubt:Telnet to the server via port 25.1. Key in “EHLO example.com” and hit enter.2. Key in “MAIL… Continue reading Send mail through SMTP using Telnet