DNSENUM for DNS Queries

Another tool I want to write about is the DNSENUM tool: dnsenum website.domain (This is the most basic of queries) dnsenum website.domain --dnsserver ns.domain.domain (Once you find the ns servers responsible for the domain you can specify them manually with the --dnsserver flag) You can also attempt a brute force enumeration by specifying the brute force… Continue reading DNSENUM for DNS Queries

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DIG for DNS Queries

Another handy tool for making DNS queries is DIG. dig domain.domain (This is the default and simplest query, but it will provide you with a treasure trove of DNS info) dig +nocmd domain.domain MX +noall +answer (The nocmd option specifies that the request details should not be in the output, and the trailing part will… Continue reading DIG for DNS Queries

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NSLOOKUP for DNS Queries

Some good ways to query DNS records: nslookup domain.domain Name: Address: (This is the most basic method of requesting DNS information and will provide you with the IP address - OR if you used the IP address will provide you with an A record) nslookup -query=mx domain.domain domain.domain          mail… Continue reading NSLOOKUP for DNS Queries