Some Google Hacking

For those who do not know: You can use Google to help you search for information on your assigned target. Suppose you want to find out more info on Disney. (just an example 🙂 )

You can search for old web content which Google might be storing in it’s cache:
(Or an even better source for cached website content would be the Wayback machine: )

You can also search for links to the Disney website:

You can also search for something in particular on a specific site:
Peter Pan

And if you are looking for that long lost Peter Pan script:
Peter Pan filetype:pdf
(or try ext:pdf Peter Pan)

A few others that you should be aware of:
intext:Peter Pan
intitle:Peter Pan
inurl:Peter Pan
(You can also add the ALL prefix to the three listed above to narrow down the search even more e.g. allinurl:Peter Pan)

For a full list of Google Hacking commands goto:
(Make sure you run them from within a sandboxed machine as some of the sites that will/do come up from the searches have already been hacked and are waiting for you to browse it – you have been warned)



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