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MS: How To Move the Ntds.dit File or Log Files

Moving a Database or Log File:

  1. Restart the domain controller.
  2. Press F8 at the Startup menu, and then click Directory Services Restore Mode.
  3. Select the appropriate installation if more than one exists, and then log on as an administrator at the logon prompt.
  4. Start a command prompt, and then type ntdsutil.exe.NOTE: To get a list of commands that you can use at the Ntdsutil prompt, type ?.
  5. At a Ntdsutil prompt, type files.
  6. At the File Maintenance prompt, use one or both of the following procedures:
    • To move a database, type move db to %s, where %s is the drive and folder where you want the database moved.
    • To move log files, type move logs to %s, where %s is the drive and folder where you want the log files moved.
  7. To view the log files or database, type info. To verify the integrity of the database at its new location, type integrity.
  8. Type quit, and then type quit to return to a command prompt.
  9. Restart the computer in Normal mode.

NOTE: When you move the database and log files, you must back up the domain controller.

If you do not press F8 in time to select the installation method:

  1. Log on as an administrator, double-click System in Control Panel, and then click the Advanced tab.
  2. Click Startup and Recovery, and then verify that the Display list of operating systems for XX seconds check box is selected.
  3. Restart the domain controller, and then press F8.



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