Microsoft help

MS: How can I create 10MB size file in Windows?

I wanted to prove to a customer that connection speed to and from one of our IIS servers were not slow by having them download files from it. I know I could have just posted something arbitrary for them to download, but I decided to go one better: Download 10MBs of nothing! (very fake torrent-ee of me)

fsutil is the windows command to create emty file
fsutil file createnew <name of file> <size in bytes>

fsutil file createnew C:\temp\10MB-file.dat 10485760
fsutil file createnew C:\temp\100MB-file.dat 104857600
fsutil file createnew C:\temp\20MB-file.dat 2097152
fsutil file createnew C:\temp\30MB-file.dat 31457280
fsutil file createnew C:\temp\1GB-file.dat 1073741824
fsutil file createnew C:\temp\10GB-file.dat 10737418240
fsutil file createnew C:\temp\100GB-file.dat 107374182400



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